Katy Air Conditioning Repair and Rebates

Keeping your home cool may involve a rebate!

When air conditioner repair is not possible, often Katy families and businesses ask us about tax credits, deductions, and rebates for new air conditioners — especially energy efficient units. It pays to do some research to make your air conditioner purchase as economical as possible.

Sometimes manufacturers offer rebates, but consumers may also find the following resources helpful.

Air Conditioning and More

We point our residential and commercial customers to the Database of State Incentives for Renewable Energy (DSIRE) for information about state and federal efficiency incentives. There are dozens of links for Katyites to explore, including program websites, legislation, tax credits and deductions, rebates, etc. You’ll find information on:

  • Buying a new air conditioner
  • Buying a new furnace
  • Buying a new water heater
  • Adding insulation
  • Adding solar panels
  • And more!

So be sure and check for state tax credits! You might also be interested in the State Energy Conservation Office’s list of funding and incentives.

Federal Resources – Home Air Conditioning and Heating

There are also federal tax credits for consumer energy efficiency on the Energy Star website. Although not all Energy Star certified products qualify for tax credits, some do. It’s a good idea to check several times a year for new programs.

Energy.gov also has a list of tax credits, rebates and savings nationwide. There are also programs specifically for Texans.

Lastly, consumers may find the Tax Incentives Assistance project helpful. Homeowners can get credits for installing efficient air conditioners and heat pumps; gas or oil furnaces and furnace fans; and gas, oil, or electric heat pump water heaters in new or existing homes.

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