Pets Need Air Conditioning, Too!

 Can dogs and cats suffer from heat strokes?

Our pets may be animals… but they are prone to the same over-heating that humans face in the hot Texas summers. After all, they are domesticated animals far removed from the caves and hunting packs of the past. Many simply do not have the survival skills required to survive in a harsh environment, since their role is to be a companion to humans.  They simply cannot tolerate the heat of our summers — at least, not safely.

The bottom line is, your pet can suffer from heat stroke and worse if the heat becomes unbearable.

What happens when our pets can’t expel heat as needed?

When exposed to heat extremes, your dog or cat’s internal body temperature will rise. Once their temperature reaches 106 degrees, they may very likely suffer brain and body organ damage. This can lead to the death of any animal, especially heat sensitive animals. These include obese dogs or cats, animals who are ill, and flat-faced pugs and bulldogs.

To put this in perspective, imagine wearing a sweater out in the hot Houston sun. A furry sweater. Soon you are sweating and uncomfortable. Then you are miserable and might even feel ill. The cool relief you feel when entering a building with air conditioning is almost beyond description. The cold air circulates around your body and provides cool relief so that your temperature can regulate back to normal.

But when the environment is this hot, animals are unable to expel excess body heat as humans do. Panting and releasing sweat through their noses and foot pads is their only way to cool down — unless there is air conditioning.

Responsible Pet Ownership

The best way to ensure your pets are healthy and comfortable is to treat them as your would your children. Providing a safe and cool environment for your animals will save them from heat exhaustion or worse. Therefore, when you leave for work and adjust your thermostat, make sure it is set at a temperature you, personally, could tolerate.

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Air Conditioning for the Whole Family

Pets bring so much joy into our lives, and we can’t but help consider them family. So it is only right to treat them well and make sure they have the comfort of a cool environment. No one likes to be miserable — including your dog and cat — and your local air conditioning technician can help make sure your summer is cool and enjoyable!

Call Aggie Aire to make it happen! We are pet owners ourselves appreciate your business!